Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Here I Am

White snow
Black desk
Silver keyboard
Here I am today
tic toc tac tic toc tac
making my inner soul heard
flowing through my fingers
a liquid crystal display screen
being a part of, or determining a civilization
doesn't it sound so classic?

AW, February 10, 2010

(Re-) connection

Sunset's over
I'm walking under the broken streetlights
my lens would call this dimness as noise
dots, imperfections, lack of life
those are what is captured in the printed photographs

None sees the view as well as I could
None live my worlds

The moon's still hiding
I'm trying to figure out the constellation of the stars
There are always three dots in a row that I always see
but I have no name for them

None sees the stars the way I see them
None live my skies

I walk, I walk, I walk
I always greet the barren branches of winter as I pass by
I let them know that they might be cold and lonely but they're not alone

None ever completely understand this hollow universe in my soul
None live my mind

Me, my senses, my heart, my soul
Let the whole universe be somehow nameless
As long as I understand the meanings of its existence

AW - Albany, January 26, 2010, 1.26 a.m.

My Feather Dream

Somehow I want to fly like a feather
Unnoticed, carefree
And when the innocent hands found me,
they would still say,
"it's the feather of a swan - of a dove - or an eagle!"
Accepted as all I am and who I was, effortless at my side

A feather makes the meaning of a bird
The feathers bring the wings to fly while they protect
A feather falls with grace, without rush
A feather let loose without pain

When the rain falls and it's soaking wet,
the sunshine would quickly dry it up,
Really soon, awake and alive again it becomes
Recovered as it was before

A feather will never lose its features
A feather will retire and the new one will grow,
But without rush. Without feeling or causing any pain.
Gracefully. Silently

Somehow I want to bid a farewell like a feather
When I'm exhausted of the journeys and when the time has come
I simply drop off and the wind would carry me
gracefully descending, then resting

Somehow I wanna float in the air like a feather
It would swing smoothly no matter if the wind is harsh or tender
I let the gravity pulls me down
yet I will whisper, "no rush Mother Earth, I'll be where I will be"

And after all the journeys in the air
The feather will rest at the embrace of the mother earth
Disconnected from its previous world
Fulfilled was the meaningful duty.
No hurt. No pain of losing, both sides, just at the right time

The bird will still fly,
the feather would watch from below
Resting peacefully, solemnly...

-AW, August 08, 2009-

Then Let It Be

My little angel embraces my soul
Whenever I ask her about love,
She always says it's all around me

My little angel caresses my face
When the rays of morning sun comes
She lets me know that here and there,
I am in the embrace of the Almighty

The love of the Absolute Love
The light of the Absolute Light
Then I shouldn't be in fear nor feeling lonely

My angel took my hands and leads me to fly
then I see:
all the ground that I walk on is my hometown
all the places where life brings me to settle in is my home

I was born as a wanderer,
then my happiness is hidden at the secrecy of the places that I would see
If it means that I have to travel the world for eternity
Then let it be...

-AW, April 28, 2009-


Decades of my life have been framed
To be accepted, I have to be X
To be loved, I have to be Y

Has it been my only way of survival?
Have I sold my soul?
Have I surrendered my future in some ridiculous auctions?
Have my hands been cuffed by fears,
Have I been so powerless?

I refuse.
My life shouldn't belong to any box where I don't want to belong
My rights to be loved shouldn't belong to other's desire
My journey shouldn't follow other's travel plan if I don't want to
My freedom shouldn't belong to any hands;
But mine,
only mine.

- me in my rebel mood -
AW-Albany, NY, June 20, 2009